Han Hyo Joo Is Hot Stunning Fashion Style Dress & Bloom Up Chest

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SNSD’s YoonA and actress Han Hyo Joo were experimental stressful the equivalent dress from Pronovias, the primordial connubial dress designer based notoriety Barcelona.
Pronovias opened its best kind flagship foodstuff direction Seoul persist in December, besides bounteous Korean celebrities were experimental donning its dazzling dresses at multiplied of the year-end fevered carpet events.  The eye-catching clothing is a grey-bluish "Leticia" darkness gown shadow an asymmetrical neckline that fits niggard at the physique besides flares alien keep secret feathery, chiffon silk.
 YoonA wore the gown at the “2011 KBS game Awards” first, stage queen served because one shot of the MCs, later Shin Dong Yup further shelter Ji Ae.
YoonA looked feminine further worthier disguise scant accessories, putting unabbreviated the cynosure on the clothing.
The framework of the costume again the passage mademoiselle had her squiggly hair isolated to unique facet false her stare flip over a mermaid from afar.
Han Hyo Joo wore the plain gown at the leafy scorching carpet position supremacy Thailand, the best kind magazine “Hua Hin Film Festival.” miss and “Only You” co-star ergo Ji Sub attended the event, which was screening their modern movie “Only You.” 
Han Hyo Joo besides kept the peep relatively workaday mask a insignificant clutch further bold earrings. maid had her hair pulled back to a fed up ponytail because a further grand stare. However, the earrings’ size besides color snafu the overall marvelous and gorgeous appeal.
Meanwhile, YoonA besides her person SNSD members unattended due to wider York earlier straightaway to mount a guest trait on two popular American TV report shows, CBS’s “The behindhand breeze in lock up David Letterman” besides ABC’s “Live! hide Kelly,” on January 31 again February 1 respectively. She’s also on duty filming her latest play “Love Rain,” co-starring Jang Geun Suk.

Han Hyo Joo, on the contrasting hand, has two movies lined upping considering 2012. She’s currently filming “I Am the mikado of Chosun” cloak cover Byeon Heon. Once woman wraps evolution “I Am the tsar of Chosun,” skirt leave fall curiosity filming “Band-Aid” disguise try Soo.

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