Pippa Middleton Wear a polka-dot dress looks Classical appearance

Kate Middleton Enjoy période Closure, A younger sister, Pippa Middleton appeared in Madrid, Spain, pour A walk. Classic dotted dress Looks like the Sat straples Model Look. Pippa Summer a few days after the Madrid Rumours son should be boyfriend, Alex Loudon in flight. Madrid's airport Friday, May 13, 2011 upon arrival, had followed George Percy,

The Duke of Northumberland, United Kingdom, accompagné by the son of the richest men. Ex-girlfriend Pippa pushed luggage trolleys through the hotel before. The next day seemed to absorb wife of 27 years, in Conformity with Friends weekend. Pippa speckle dress in black and white and his hair, glasses perched on leave straples dress. Pippa commercial and tourist holiday with a tourist map in Hand.

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