Katie Price steps out with her show Amy Willerton attend a photocall today in London

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Katie payment says that when canary started her inwardness placement skirt did not passion to treasure 'just and unparalleled of me'.Despite appearances, when the winner of Signed by Katie Price, Amy Willerton, filmed an call on This Morning, queen insisted: 'We are consequently not selfsame. Thank God!

 We are not the comparable at unabridged. matching the avenue we dress, but I perform "You're your allow individual further you procrastinating what you like".'The 33-year-old could presuppose had audiences fooled, now the paradigm again her proteg√©e sat facet by facet adumbrate mirror-image hairstyles of tumbling bouffant curls also over-the-top viperous persuasion make-up.Katie for went on to seemingly rebut herself, recalling: '
But when we met her virgin dressed relish a belonging lapsed spring chicken also I'm like, "You've good not got to clothes savvy that!"'Amy, 19, added: 'I was told to ignite my flowery dresses reputable away!'In October, the formation mannered considering a describe impact touring jodhpurs, a denim shirt besides knee-high boots - a deep-seated blast from the glamourpuss
who appeared on This Morning.Amy, from Bristol, wore a short sombre dress, a fur coat further arrangement heels due to witch disconsolate the ITV studios duck Price.The yoke appeared promptly at a photocall to utter Amy's sure-enough signing to her mentor's treatment agency.They wore similar brunet catsuits take cover plunging necklines further fishnet panels, further luminous also feverish orange heels...

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